Fees & Payment Information

For Washington patients I am “out of network”: I do not work directly with insurance companies, and therefore bill patients directly based on the treatment provided and due at the time of service. You may request an invoice (super-bill) for submitting claims to your insurance company, FSA, or HSA plans for reimbursement; This is not necessary but I do encourage you to do so, as the amount you ultimately pay will be considerably less, and can at times be equivalent to a copay.

Prior to scheduling with me, I would encourage you to check with your insurance carrier for their specific “out of network” rates and policies.

I know that mental health care is expensive, and I truly wish this weren’t the case. There are multiple reasons why so many providers are choosing to not work with insurance companies, and which reflect a much broader problem of how health care is managed in the US, and, which can be discussed elsewhere. As such, my rates are commensurate to child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists established in Washington. I do reserve a limited number of sliding scale options based on financial hardship and inequity (also not possible with insurance companies). You have the right to a good faith estimate of the costs involved with healthcare spending. Rates are based on the treatment provided and due at the time of service.

Common examples of fees include (Updated Nov, 2023):

Initial intake and assessment: $400 for 60 minutes.

  • Children and adolescents: Generally we will use two intake sessions with protected time to see the family together, parents alone, and the child alone.
  • Adults: Depending on complexity and need, intake sessions can completed within one to two sessions.

20 minutes medication check-in: $150
30 minutes: $225
60 minutes psychotherapy only: $260
60 minutes psychotherapy with medication management: $360
Over 60 minutes: $130 per additional half-hour. Often for family or couples work, and can be very beneficial for individual work as well. Note that anything over 60 minutes will likely not be covered by insurance.

Administrative work: For administrative work that exceeds more than 15 minutes, I reserve the right to charge an additional fee of $250/hour in quarter-hour increments. This would include but is not limited to completing paperwork and forms (for schools, employers, etc), answering emails and messages (rarely takes that long), and prior-authorizations for medications. I will notify and request permission to proceed prior to engaging in work that would generate a bill. 

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